Test'N'Tune - Talledega Gran Prix: 05.05.04

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Test'N'Tune - Talledega Gran Prix: 05.05.04

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Our Test'N'Tune day at the Talledega Gran Prix was a great time! It was fun meeting some new people, and having the entire track to ourselves the entire day! No corner workers, no instructors, no bs. Just open track time... come & go as you please.

The track wasn't as fun to drive as Road Atlanta... but after lunch the track heated up... as did everyone tyres... so drifting was sure to ensue. I actually quit running the track for the good line/time... and started attacking drift runs. There were only a few corners that really catered to countersteer without a dangerous runoff (turn #2)... but there was one in particular that was quite nice. There was a red 350z that was pulling a few off as well.

I'll have pics/video online soon (along with driftAtlanta pics/video)... stay tuned!
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