FS: Brand New Perrin Short Ram Intake for WRX

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FS: Brand New Perrin Short Ram Intake for WRX

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Hi guys. I have a brand new Perrin Short Ram Intake for a WRX or STi. It comes with black piping and is still in the original packaging.

The FOERST picture shows the intake but the filter style has been updated a little bit. For some reason Perrin hasn't updated their website. The filter now looks like the filter in the second picture. I just got off the phone with Perrin and they said that they changed the design to make the filter easier to clean. The reinforced cage is now inside the filter element.

I have read on NASIOC that this intake makes a lot of beautiful noise, and if you're interested then you already know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I'm selling for two reasons:

1. Need a little flow due to a totaled work truck.
2. I have an AccessPort and Cobb hasn't made a map for it yet.

The setup is going for around $175 online, but I'm selling mine for $125. Remember that this one has BLACK piping, not red like in the picture.

Just let me know.

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